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Who Are We

The "School of Becoming" was founded in February of 2021 when Mr. Rickardo A. Brown realized that many lost sight of themselves during the pandemic.

For some, the pandemic broke the camel's back; for others, it was the tool used to pull them back.

Mr. Brown went on a journey and studied for self-development and the betterment of those he came in contact with.

The school of becoming is where we study you.

Mr. Brown will look at every part of your life; your childhood, schooling, relationships, business, spiritual development/maturity and we will use that as a template to help you become. You can expect hard questions, questions that will challenge your perception so that you may see life not through the lenses of your pain, trauma, failures and disappointments but rather through the lenses of the God-given purpose for your life.

As one with strong prophetic insight, you can expect Mr. Brown to dig deep into sensitive situations and occurrences however those insights are given and brought up to bring clarity and growth.

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