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Brand is not a Design, Brand is Identity!"


Often, when we think about the brand, we think of it in its verb; however, brand is not just branding, the brand exists! It has a character and likeness!

Brand is an Identity!

Browns Branding Co. focuses on a 4 stage program that equips you with the tools of success needed to accomplish your goals.

4 Step Program

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Brand Identification:

  • Who are you?

  • What are you?

  • Why are you?

Brand Placement:

  • Where should you be seen?

  • Who should see it?

  • When should it be seen? 

Brand Presentation:

  • What do you look like?

  • Why do you look like that?

  • What do you sound and feel like?

Brand Execution:

  • The final & easiest step; just watch


Your Brand Advisor 

is the Founder and Executive Brand Advisor/strategist of Browns Branding Co.


Since Brown's inception, his main goal has been turning your vision into a reality. Constant reactions became alarming yet uncomfortable with a plethora of testimonials of accurate & revelatory creativity. Brown knew there had to be more to this. So after finding a successful graphic design and print company based in NY for over 11 years,

Brown retired with a quest to find the answer to his unsettling irritation. 


Finally, he realized a brand is not Design; a brand is an Identity. He resolved that the only way your full vision can become an actual reality is if it is definitively written to be transcribed or interpreted by others who will read it. In other words, your brand must be defined and expressed. That can only be done by those who take an interest in your brand.


Brown decided to compile his drive for mastery presentation and accurate execution into one entity that is Browns Branding Co, formally known as Rick Brown Designs & Print.


Brown Promises not just to work on developing, presenting, and executing your brand,

but he also vows to give it the heart (Love) that it deserves.

We serve with your success in mind; why? Because your brand is a person too!

Rickardo A. Brown

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