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"If you can think it you can do it, and if you can do it you have the power to become it"

- Rickardo A. Brown  -

Who Are We
Shifting Nations By Shifting People

Each of us posses the ability to cause impact within our DNA, we are all Shifters.

These God-given abilities and gifts were not for the betterment of our individual lives but for the enrichment of the entire human race.

Our abilities, however, cannot be as impactful as it was intended to be individually it can only be when we stand as a collective body.

None of us can answer the world's problems on our own; if so, there would already be world peace and tranquility. We must come together as a people to help a people so that we may be a people.

We do this despite race, gender, ethnicity, or even religion.

Shift's Vision is to partner with regional, national, and international businesses, schools, religious institutions, and organizations to impact national and international terrains with and by the power of unity.